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AUSTRIA - project funding of the Action Austria - Slovakia - Support of co-supervised doctoral studies

Home country
Host country
Field of study/research
Natural Sciences
Technical Sciences
Agriculture Sciences
Social Sciences
Type of support
project grant
Support category
project cooperation
Target group (when applying for the scholarship)
PhD student, university teacher, researcher
max. 12 months
Finance source
Action Austria - Slovakia, Cooperation in Science and Education
number of projects supported depends upon the funds available and the quality of proposals
Offered support
Financial means provided by the Action Austria - Slovakia may be used for:
  • mobility costs (travel costs, accommodation and board/scholarship)
  • other justified costs (teaching materials, communication costs, etc.)
15 March, 15 May, 15 October
Submission of applications
Project applications are submitted on-line at
Application form and supporting documents
Application is to be submitted on-line via:
Other relevant information

In order to improve the scientific quality of young researchers, it is important for them to gain knowledge from different scientific schools, they need to know and critically evaluate their research methods and thereby thanks to various impulses increase their scientific work. For that reason the main aim of the Action is to support the team cooperation between PhD. students and supervisors from Austria and Slovakia. The focus is laid on the theses of one or more PhD. students supervised by at least one Austrian and one Slovak supervisor. 

Supported activities: 
  • mobility costs for meetings of PhD. students and  supervisors (in order to exchange impulses/consultations or aiming at performing experiments/scientific objectives),
  • active participation of PhD. students on thematic scientific conferences (primarily international), 
  • organisation of scientific or thematic colloquiums for PhD. students aimed at the possibility of experience exchange between PhD. students with similar objectives (such colloquium would be accessible for all PhD. students from both countries),
  • mobility costs for international evaluators - if it is not possible to use means from the home institution and the participation of such evaluators is clearly necessary for increasing the doctoral theses´s quality.

More information at:,
Programme administrator
SAIA, n. o.
Aktion Österreich – Slowakei
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812 20 Bratislava

Contact details:
Selection procedure
The selection of submitted projects is made by the bilateral Steering Committee of the Programme within 3 months after the submission deadline.
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